How did Gillette create a specialized shaving razor for others?

For those who have to ask others to shave their faces, the Hanging razor is like a gift from God.

Gillette has been designing razors since the 1900s, but it is all for you to shave. But there are people who depend on others to do it for themselves: the elderly or disabled.

For those who take care of them, shaving someone is a stressful process when they have to control the blade on different shaving angles without accidentally injuring them.

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In 2017, Gillette started her first Hanging and Razor test designed specifically to alleviate difficulties when shaving the face for others. 

Besides a razor blade, Treo also has a shaving gel canister that acts as a razor handle and allows the razor to better control the blade and minimize the possibility of misty shaving. 

For the elderly, who cannot shave anymore, it is a product that can help them keep a clean and clean appearance as their youth.

"In that situation, the ability to shave face is an important part of the dignity of a man." Matt Hodgson, the chief design engineer in Gillette's product development factory in the UK, said the lead designer of the Treo design. "It is what they have done throughout their lives."

Listen to user feedback

Hanging is an example of combining the best design of the company with feedback from Gillette users. While many of the company's advertising campaigns focused on the moment when his father taught his son how to shave, Gillette began receiving feedback from the social network about what would happen if the father could not shave. me too. 

And none of their razors were designed to answer that question.

In order to understand why it was difficult to shave others, Hodgson began shaving a colleague at the office. Unlike when shaving, it is difficult to know the force from your hand that is enough to cut the beard without accidentally cutting into someone else's skin. 

Not only that, if you have ever had trouble with areas that are hard to shave on your skin, try multiplying that several times when shaving for others.

Not only that, shaving for people who are old or disabled is very different from normal people: they often have to sit or lie in bed instead of the tap, meaning that it is difficult to get the water right next to the tongue. knife. It also means using normal shaving cream to make the blade quickly dirty.

In addition, because people who are shaved often sit or in a headrest position on something, the razor needs to hold the blade at different angles to shave the most closely.

Hodgson and his team developed five different prototypes within three months, taking them to nursing homes with dozens of test products for trial nurses to use, before making the final design.

Final design

To solve the problem of having to shave in places where there is no water, Hodgson has added a special protective plate that is designed specifically for the Indian market, where beard hair is often thicker and they have to tend to use less water when shaving. 

Thanks to this protective plate, the nurse can shave the whole face with just one razor blade, without having to remove the blades to shave first.

The handle of the Treo is also twice as big as usual and acts as a gel tube. This gel will make the skin cleaner without forming a foam-like normal shaving cream. Moreover, Hodgson also adjusted the angle between the tip of the knife and the handle so that the shaver could grasp it like a pen or pencil, giving them better control.

In the fall of 2017, this final design began to be sent to nursing homes and individuals in the US and UK by Gillette as part of a pilot program. Even though the group focuses primarily on professional caregivers, they also want to know if their products are effective for people in different positions.

Anne Baker, a woman who participated in the trial, shaved her husband with Parkinson's about once a month, before important occasions that Hang was the answer to her apprehension when shaving her husband's face. She wished this product was present sooner when her father was older. 

"This will be a gift from God when he is too old and must be in a nursing home. He would have liked it. He always wanted a face to be shaved clean."

After receiving a lot of positive feedback from the test program, Gillette is beginning to sell a new type of razor to a limited number of customers through her website, to assess whether it should be sold in a mass-type razor. 

Hang this or not. "We know the razor market well, better than anyone," Hodgson said. "But this is a completely different market."

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