Braun Series 9 9295cc: Flawless shave with Responsive Technology

The Braun Series 9 9295cc is my best men's electric foil shaver. It provides a close shave on your face with 5 synchronized shaving elements, the world’s strongest Sonic technology, and an intelligent AutoSensing motor to shave more hair in one stroke than any other electric shaver. It deserves a 100% waterproof electric shaver that I see.

Braun Series 9295cc designed to last up to use for 7 years. In addition, it also has a trimmer reinforced with Titanium coating.

I'm a fan of Braun and I've been using Braun electric shavers for years and cannot wait till this line of electric shavers come out. This shaver a close shave all the time.

Sometimes, the foil blades wear out and it can cut your scalp and face. Most foils are supposed to last until two years but only last 5 to 6 months when I checked. 

Braun Series 9 9295cc is a great electric shaver but just needs to fix the foils.
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Braun Series 9 9295cc - World’s most efficient shave

I recommend you buy this!

The Braun Series 9 shaves more beards in one stroke than any other premium electric shaver I've used. Ensuring you shave with fewer strokes and more skin comfort.

The speed of the product provides an excellent quality of shaving, in comparison with other lines from Braun that I used for many years and that I always thought were the best. 

In fact, this electric shaver is the best according to my review.

Gives closest of shaves

Why do I say it's good?

The fact that I got it very cheap ($200) made it even greater from the budget... It gives a really close shave without any less irritation for skin

I've shaved with many electric razors on the market. Some good some great. Some things to remember. Everyone has a different type of beard and skin and once razor might not work well for most men. This one replaced a series 7 that lasted quite a while. Added, the battery was still good.

My first impression of handling is the plastic feel. This is not the case of the old Braun aluminum, solid shavers of old. Like the Panasonic ES-LV95 Arc 4 my old, the electric shaver won't run while it connected to the power (charging) cord. To be honest, the Braun series 9295 charged quick.
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Final Verdict

The Braun Series 9 9295cc has some incredible features. When evaluating the battery life/time and the travel charger and case give this electric shaver flexibility. We all will be able to easily take this shaver with you on vacations or work trips.

The machine can be used in the shower or with shaving gel. These options give you a smoother shave with less irritation.

All of their features really shine and give you a fantastically clean shave every day.

My Through

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