How To Shave Your Head – The Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to get your head shaved bald? This article will provide step-by-step instructions on well handling your head shave.

Can you go bald from shaving your head? Believe it or not, shaving your head entirely smooth isn’t quite as complicated as you might think. Though the task requires patience and experience to do properly, if you take your time, you will get there! Here are the essential tips to achieving a desirable bald head.

Preparations To Shave Your Head Bald

To do it properly, you need to choose the appropriate tools. The better the products are, the more comfortable and enjoyable you may feel on your head. Take into consideration these items that I’m about to go through to make your best choice:

Electric clippers:

The electric razor requires less care and expertise than a shaver with an exposed blade. It doesn’t depend on wetting or lathering, so it is fast and takes less time than a razor. Also, it’s unlikely to cut or nick yourself when using the best bald head shaver.

The drawback is that they make use of several blades going back and forth or rotating quickly. Thus, if you have sensitive skin, you may suffer from razor burn.

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Electric shavers are good options if you:

● Desire a faster shave.

● Afford to spend on a more expensive way of shaving.

● Don’t mind a less meticulous shave.


Using a razor to shave is good options if you:

● Have time and patience to adopt a slower and more time-consuming method of shaving.

● Are you confident that you can avoid cutting or nicking your skin with the razor?

● Don’t mind spending extra money on shaving cream.

Shaving cream:

The cream is crucial for you to shave your head smoothly because the razor can move quickly on the surface. In case you want to shave your head effectively, it’s vital for the lather to be soaked up in the hair.

Shaving brush:

It takes a few extra minutes to do a shave with a badger hair shaving brush, but it’s worth it. You will feel satisfied with a good and wet lather when shaving head. A badger hair brush is another useful tool that helps you with a more efficient soap shave.

Cream for after-shaving:

Do you want to cleanse and moisten your skin? After that use the best men’s shaving cream once you have your head shaved. Apply it, and you will feel a sense of freshness and a pleasant difference in your bald head.

Method #1: Using Electric Shavers

The process of the electric trimming is indeed simple:

● Put the guard out of your clipper.

● Trim it over the head and try to use the shortest setting. It will snip the hair close to the scalp.

Using an electric shaver to get your head bald will give you less mental suffering because it won’t last as long as a shave with a razor.

If you wish to nip it even closer, an electric stubble shaver will be a great option.

Method #2: Using Traditional Razors

With this kind of shave, what you need to bear in mind is preparing your skin and wetting your hair.

Before shaving your head with a razor:

Consider a few things before you jump in shaving your head.

● Pay attention to whether your skin beneath the hair is vulnerable or not. In case there is any pimple or bruise, you will worsen the condition when using a razor to shave the head.

● Have your head soaked by taking a shower, which is an excellent way to make your hair wet enough to prepare for a shave.

● Get yourself a clean damp towel. Soak the cloth in hot water, hot enough to prevent your hands and scalp from being burned.

Get started to shave your head bald with a razor

● Soften and trim your hair so that your hair is long enough for shaving.

● Apply shaving cream.

● Shave with gentle strokes.

● Shave along contours.

● Rinse blades often.

● Re-apply shaving gel.

● Towel off.


Either shaving your head with a razor or an electric shaver will give you an incredible new look.

How do you keep your bald head? How do people treat you differently when they notice you’ve shaven bald?

In case you have never tried this new hairstyle, are you ready for people to comment on how good you look bald? If you are ready to go for it, please share with us the reasons that motivate you to make that decision in the comment box below.

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