Balla Powder for Men

bella powder for men | bella powder | ballapowder Balla Powder for Men is the new talc for men that is asbestos free, safe to use on every part of your body and comes in three presentations.

Baby Powder is for Babies

Balla Powder is for Men

We highly suggest you use Balla Powder after shaving your pubes because it helps to calm down the itching and any uncomfortable feeling you may experience after pubic shaving.

Many ask us “Why not just use any other talc?” Only Balla Powder is designed to be used on your balls and basically on ANY part of your body.

Also, many other talcs contains asbestos and perfumes that can be harmful to your skin, especially after shaving, and are not made to be used on your privates. The talcs and asbestos in other talcs can cause serious infections and irritation. However, Balla Powder is 100% safe to use everywhere.

ballapowderThere are 3 presentations that you can pick from:


Tingle Formula

Fragrance Free

Balla Powder for Men was made to help the common man feel comfortable on every inch of their body. It has also proven to be a great solution to relieve itching after shaving your pubic hair. Balla Powder is cheap and really worth every penny. Buy your Balla Powder at

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