How to Stop Itching after Pubic Shaving

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bella powder stop-itching-pubic-shavingA symptom that many men experience after shaving their pubic hair is itching. Especially if it is your first time shaving, feeling itching around your crotch area is normal.

Here is what you should NOT DO:

DO NOT itch your private area, it will only make it worse and can cause more irritation or wounds.

DO NOT use talc, many talcs contains perfumes and asbestos which can cause irritation and infections.

DO NOT use alcohol or aftershave, aftershave is made for your face, your scrotum has very delicate skin and putting alcohol on it can be more than painful.

So what SHOULD you do to stop itching after pubic shaving? Easy: BALLA POWDER.

Balla Powder is a talc formulated especially for men and it is safe to use on all parts of your body that you want to keep dry and comfortable. This talc for men is 100% absestos free which makes it safe to use on your privates. Putting Balla Powder after you shave your pubes will help relieve itching instantly so you can get on with your day without having to squirm around because of the itching.

Balla Powder comes in three great presentations:

Original Formula: A manly scented talc.

Tingle Formula: As the name implies, it gives you a refreshing tingly sensation where ever it is applied.

Fragrance Free: All the benefits of Balla Powder, scent free.

So there you have it, this is the best solution to stop itching after pubic shaving: Balla Powder.

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