How to Stop Itching after Pubic Shaving

bella powder stop-itching-pubic-shavingA symptom that many men experience after shaving their pubic hair is itching. Especially if it is your first time shaving, feeling itching around your crotch area is normal.

Here is what you should NOT DO:

DO NOT itch your private area, it will only make it worse and can cause more irritation or wounds.

DO NOT use talc, many talcs contains perfumes and asbestos which can cause irritation and infections.

DO NOT use alcohol or aftershave, aftershave is made for your face, your scrotum has very delicate skin and putting alcohol on it can be more than painful.

So what SHOULD you do to stop itching after pubic shaving? Easy: BALLA POWDER.

Balla Powder is a talc formulated especially for men and it is safe to use on all parts of your body that you want to keep dry and comfortable. This talc for men is 100% absestos free which makes it safe to use on your privates. Putting Balla Powder after you shave your pubes will help relieve itching instantly so you can get on with your day without having to squirm around because of the itching.

Balla Powder comes in three great presentations:

Original Formula: A manly scented talc.

Tingle Formula: As the name implies, it gives you a refreshing tingly sensation where ever it is applied.

Fragrance Free: All the benefits of Balla Powder, scent free.

So there you have it, this is the best solution to stop itching after pubic shaving: Balla Powder.

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34 Comments on "How to Stop Itching after Pubic Shaving"

  1. chad on Tue, 23rd Jun 2009  

    shouldyou shave against the hair which is growing outs towards too or along down with it?

  2. admin on Wed, 24th Jun 2009  

    Hey Chad and Thanks for your question!

    If you use the Philips Norelco Bodygroom then you can feel free to shave in any direction! This is because the bodygroom is designed to prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair. DO NOT use a razor blade because the after math will be painful.

    hope this info helps!

  3. mike on Sun, 12th Jul 2009  

    ok, i normally shave my face only, and my gf asked me to shave down there, so i did, unwilingly, and now there’s red bumps, very itchy and the area hurts to all touch, and i don’t want my parents to know. Any suggestions? buy this powder or will baby powder work? Ps; i used a normal razor =(

  4. admin on Tue, 4th Aug 2009  

    Hi Mike,

    Too bad you used a razor, I highly recommend you invest on the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. But since the damage is done your best option for fast relief is Balla Powder, get the tingle formula (it feels really nice). However if your condition gets worse you should see a doctor.

  5. steven on Sun, 23rd Aug 2009  

    i used bought and used the norelco bodygroomer for the first time and it was on friday i used it, i figured since i shaved everything i would get a razor burn of some sort, will i continue to let get that if i shave more and more, and is it better to leave a lil length left instead of shaving it all the way down? i dnt like this icthyness 🙁 lol

  6. admin on Sat, 29th Aug 2009  

    Hey Steven, thanks for your question! Well shaving all the way down and just trimming is a personal choice. Trimming your pubes is also a great way to help your hygiene but shaving all the way down will help you get that extra optical inch down there.

    Itching is always a problem for many who are not sure about shaving all the way because it can be scary and uncomfortable. We suggest that you try shaving all the way down if you like but try it on a weekend that you know you won’t be going out and for the itching we highly recommend Balla Powder because it relieves the itching quickly and helps keep that area comfortable.

  7. kyle johnson on Wed, 9th Sep 2009  

    hey i have the norelco shaver and if i want to shave my butt does it work for that and how do i get it all ?? help ???

  8. ser on Sun, 4th Oct 2009  

    can girls use that powdr aswell?

  9. Joe on Mon, 12th Oct 2009  

    My first time I used a razor which was maybe 4-5 days ago. Hair is growing back but like everyone else’s problem it itches and i have red bumps. I was suggested from a friend to just use conditioner? Will this work?

  10. Marcus on Tue, 13th Oct 2009  

    This all really heelped and all, but wear do i get the Balla Powder or the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. And does this mean i can’t use a regular razor?

  11. admin on Tue, 13th Oct 2009  

    Thanks for your comment! You can get both the Balla Powder and Bodygroom from our site, just click on any of the links that say the name, for the bodygroom go here for more information:

  12. admin on Tue, 13th Oct 2009  

    Conditioner may help but remember that the skin area is sensitive, so the best option is to use balla powder

  13. admin on Tue, 13th Oct 2009  

    Yes, girls can use the powder as well, it is asbestos free so safe for around the entire body, you may not want to use the fragrance-free though so you don’t get any man cologne smell 🙂

  14. admin on Tue, 13th Oct 2009  

    Yes, you can use it for your entire body, although we do recommend that you try using Balla Powder first to help your behind get more comfy and dry.

  15. Scott on Fri, 20th Nov 2009  

    I have been shaving for about 5 years down there and I must say, my wife loves the look and feel of a smooth shave. I used to have the itching when I first started, but I no longer get it. It goes away after a few times of shaving. I shave once a week and never have any issues. I always use a fresh blade, and never shave an area more than once. Going with the grain of the hair is a smart choice. Sometimes I go against in some areas for a smoother feeling, but since it does not itch anymore, it does not bother me. Be careful with the loose areas as you can cut yourself. Always pull the skin taught…not tight, and enjoy! Remember…if you want to make the tree look taller, you have to trim the bush.

  16. chanman on Sat, 5th Dec 2009  

    i shaved my d… and know it itching

  17. austin on Wed, 6th Jan 2010  

    well two days ago i shaved my pubes. It itches really bad i dnt think im going to use the balla powdr because i have no way to get it. is there anyother solutions for stoping the itch in my pupbe area?

  18. chirs on Sat, 20th Feb 2010  

    well today i decided to shave my pubes for the first time.(im only 14 haha) Not reading this stuff before, i used a regular razor and it itches really bad. Can i buy anything in local stores to help it?

  19. carina on Wed, 31st Mar 2010  

    i have just shaved my pubes for the 3rd time and it really hurts and is really really really itchy and i cant stop itching it, and its really prickly, what can i do im in so much pain :'(

  20. Davis on Wed, 5th May 2010  

    Well, I shaved my pubes for the first time a few days ago and cut myself right above the base of my d. I put alcohol on it which stopped the pain but now I have painful *bumps*, that pop and pus and re-seal only to keep hurting. Every bumpy or scratchy area is sensitive to the touch.

    Not only that, but I used regular Walgreens razors.:D

    I hope that clears up some questions.

  21. Because nobody likes a hairy kiwi! on Tue, 11th May 2010  

    […] How to stop itching after pubic shaving (they sell Balla Powder!) […]

  22. rayce on Sun, 16th May 2010  

    i shaved yesterday and im only 14 and it iches SO BAD is there something at a local store i can get?

  23. Edgar on Fri, 17th Sep 2010  

    well try taking baby oil or aloe lotion on your fresh cut i tried it this is my 2nd time and so far nothing the baby oil after math is really help ful and alwas put cream over the area you shaved so that it dosen’t become exposed and let’s it sort of heal in a bit so after every stroke of the razor i used i would apply shaving gel on it and it worked i didn’t get irritated and had no trouble plus right after a good shower got out added some baby oil then BOOM you should have no problem but make sure the area is pretty clean of hair thou lil ones can just 🙁

  24. Boby on Thu, 14th Oct 2010  

    heyy uhmm i jus shaved few days ago and i still have like atleast a mm left and it itches A LOT , can i use baby powder instead? ohh it was my first time shaving too my friends thought it was gay but i think its clean.

  25. Deirdre on Fri, 17th Dec 2010  

    Pay attention men –

    All you have to do to prevent the itching and pain and poking when the hair starts to grow back IS:

    apply deodorant – yea, like you put under your arms – apply in in the direction of the hair growth. NOT ALOT. Once swipe – cover the entire area. Do this for the 1st 3 days after shaving – NO PAIN, NO REDNESS, NO ITCHING

    Please wash off before any sexual activity. It tastes horrible…..


  26. Deirdre on Fri, 17th Dec 2010  

    NOT ALOT. Once swipe – cover the entire area. Do this for the 1st 3 days after shaving – NO PAIN,

    CORRECTED – should say

    NOT ALOT. One swipe PER AREA – cover the entire area. Do this for the 1st 3 days after shaving – NO PAIN,

  27. charlie on Sat, 5th Mar 2011  

    i just shaved my pubes and its REALY ICHY 🙁

  28. qandi; on Wed, 9th Mar 2011  

    hi i have probelm i never shaving hair pubic how i shaving bay what i shaving craem or razor or baby powder or anther thing plaes tell me step by step and send to may mail ( withe my regared

  29. Willy on Mon, 14th Mar 2011  

    I just shaved my pubes and it really itches. I wanted to cut my pubes because it makes me uncomfortable when I sit down. Now I have bumps and it reallyy itches. Especially when Im sweating. im only 14 years old and yes i had a very large bush.

  30. kiki on Thu, 19th May 2011  

    It hurts
    can i use baby powder it realy hurts im 16 and its my first time
    and i cant take it how long will it take to stop the pain

  31. Xavier on Fri, 27th May 2011  

    I’m 14 and I shaved for the first time today with a NORMAL Razor, and now it really itches is there anything besides the Powder?

  32. Sioul on Fri, 10th Jun 2011  

    I do this regularly, obviously as others have said i get no issues now that i am used to it. But when i first did it my ultimate saviour was BABY LOTION!!! or BABY OIL!! 😀 either is great, rub a good amount in straight after shaving and you will have pure relief, i always did 🙂

  33. Avi Garret on Thu, 25th Aug 2011  

    I would recommend to massage the area with Vitamin E Oil, after the shave. I personally use Sundown Naturals Pure Vitamin E Oil.

  34. Jack on Sun, 10th Nov 2013  

    So I shaved my pubes yesterday for the first time. First I cut them like with sizzors cuz they were way too long, then shaved them with a normal razor:(. Today I have some red spots and itching, but no pain. Are there any other ways of relieving the itching than the powder because I don’t have a way of obtaining it? And any advice for the future so I don’t run into these problems?

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