Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal?

Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal?

Many guys ask themselves, Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal? Yes! The fact is that men just don’t talk about it. There are many men who are starting to shave their pubic hair for many reasons.

Back in the day pubic hair was untouched and it was normal to just be hairy. However times have changed, just like hairstyles. Today it is normal for the modern man to shave and women prefer a smooth area as well.

Here we’ll go through a couple of the benefits of male pubic shaving. Remember that shaving your pubes is normal. You may hear some guys saying that shaving your pubes is painful but that’s only because they’ve done it the wrong way. Learn How to Shave Your Balls the right way!

HYGIENE: Shaving your pubes provides better hygiene around your scrotum and penis. Our private area can get really dirty with sweat and germs which cling on longer if you have lots of pubic hair. Shaving your balls allows your private area to be cleaner and odor free for a longer time.

GET AN EXTRA INCH: This is many guy’s favorite benefit. By shaving your pubes you add an extra optical inch to the length of your penis. This is because your pubic hair can cover up your full length, so shaving it off will give you a nice and natural confidence boost.

MORE PLEASURE WITH PUBIC HAIR SHAVED: A recent survey showed that women DO prefer men who shave their pubic hairs. Women like to have a soft and smooth area which leads to more oral sex. The majority of women don’t go down on men who have a jungle down there which can also have odors. Shaving your pubes makes it more inviting for her to give your pleasure down there. pgw9k8di65

These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy. But remember: DO NOT use a razor blade. If you want to get the best results then do the job right, check out How to Shave Your Balls.

Now what do you thing? Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal…..?

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18 Comments on "Is Shaving Pubic Hair Normal?"

  1. Jeff on Tue, 6th Oct 2009  

    It is for women I know. I have seen it more and more for men. I think there are more guys doing it than ever. I do! Much more comfortable than I expexted. Wish I would have done it years ago.

  2. Nabil on Fri, 9th Oct 2009  

    well in Islam, it is a virtue (strong recommendation) to shave it. In addition to shaving underarms, circumcission, nail trimming, etc. Islam = be healthy

  3. Chris on Mon, 7th Dec 2009  

    To start with…. you’re kinda asking a loaded question in that the question itself is open and clear – but you then go on to just express your own personal opinion on it and then load it with questionable ‘facts’ about hygiene to back up your own preference and lead the person answering to you own conclusions.

    so, you like shaving your balls… or waxing.. or any other hair removal method…. so what? why ask for approval?

    you know what… be confident enough in yourself to just admit it’s because YOU like the feel/thought of it enough to do it. Don’t put “facts” in there to try and justify why you think it *needs* it, when they’re not facts, just opinion….. it doesn’t need any more justification from you other than ‘I like it, therefore I’ll do it’. We as the human race didn’t evolve with a *need* to shave/wax or whatever your preferred method of hair removal is…..for millions of years of evolution we coped quite well with the hygiene aspects of having lots of pubic hair. so it’s not a need… it’s a want, and if you’re ashamed of it enough to try justifying it with anything other than that, then I guess that would be the defining problem to a girl… your own insecurities about it, not theirs.

    btw, I either trim, wax, or shave…….. depending on my mood and what I want to do at the time.

    I do it because *I* like it……. not because my girlfriend does. Pretty much every woman is different… some will like it, some wont……… some don’t mind either way.

    but my point is… If you want to remove your pubes then do it cause you like it… don’t worry about what a ‘generic’ woman will think about it, and there’s no point posing a loaded question to get the validation/go-ahead for doing it. You don’t need that validation if you’re a confident person…. and that’s more important to the opposite sex than what style you wear your pubes in.

    when you meet a girl you like…

    You ever noticed that generally women don’t pose questions like this one? That’s because (generally), they know that it doesn’t matter what pubic hairstyle they’re sporting this season….. some guys are going to want it anyway. So they do what they want knowing that it doesn’t really matter to their chances of a) getting laid and b) finding someone they want a continuing relationship with.

    I find it quite maddening sometimes when you see guys trying to justify their own preferences with questionable facts to back it up, just because there’s either a gay connotation attached to it, or they *believe* all women are either for it or against it. e.g. cyclists that say they only shave their legs because of the wind resistance when their riding….. yeah, cause a few bits of hair really make a difference to their aerodynamics… Not. ( and girls don’t really believe that crap anyway… no matter what the cyclists think) What they should (imo) say… is “I do it because I like the feel of it” and take the consequences of some will like it… like you…. and some won’t (and they’ll go off and tell their mates that you wax your balls), and you wont want to date you anymore.

    either way I think you win…. you either end up with someone else that likes it just like you do…(the kindred spirit) . or they don’t and you know where you stand… either you put up with having your pubes to their liking.. or you see it as a relationship show-stopper and you end it with them in order to find someone who does like you the way you are.

    whenever we date someone… preferences come into play. The presence of pubes is just another one of those preferences like guys that might prefer blondes to brunettes… some will be put off… some wont.

    ok…. i know i’m rambling now… but you wanted an answer, and i’m putting some effort into mine, so hopefully it’ll be read and appreciated…. but I also accept that to some, it’ll be too long an answer to read and understand properly or they’ll just plain disagree.

    I guess ultimately what i’m trying to say is……… i think you’re thinking about this arse about tit (brit saying… means the wrong way round)……… what you’re asking is “To all the women out there.. can i please have permission to shave my balls please… pretty please?”

    sounds pretty weak huh?

    I don’t know many women that get wet at the thought of weak or indecisive…. whatever hair the guy does/does’t have around their cock.

    what (imo) is a much more productive attitude to display is…. “This is what I like…… if you go for it… then yeah hon bring it on… but if you don’t… then it’s been nice meeting you but i’m looking for someone similar to myself on this one.”

    ok….now i’ve given my tuppence worth…. hands up all the women that’d go for a guy who felt the need to ask for permission every time they wanted to do something they wanted.

    sounds reasonable in theory…….. in practice though, no one wants to be with someone that’s constantly asking for affirmation…… cause it shows no confidence whatsoever.

  4. alexgrinsk on Wed, 16th Dec 2009  

    Pretty good post. I just came by your site and wanted to say
    that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you write again soon

  5. Cyril Fitzgerald on Mon, 21st Dec 2009  

    Shaving pubes is just “sooo trendy” isn’t it?
    Ooops forgot the annoyance of removing pubes from one’s mouth, pubes are part of a person… As to hygiene issues etc, “make a mountain out a mole-hill eh?”. Mankind obviously hasn’t died out because we haven’t shaved our pubes….. Personally speaking, people with shaved pubes don’t “turn me on” – they look like prepubescent school children. Pubic Hair is very much a part of my sexual attraction, guess I’ve got a “problem” these days….

  6. Bob on Tue, 19th Jan 2010  


  7. Carsten on Thu, 11th Mar 2010  

    For me to shave my pubes/c***/balls/a** is a wonderful sensation: to feel my skin so soft gives me GREAT pleasure. In the beginning I only trimmed my pubes, thought I would look too boyish when shaved! BUT : Im so very happy that for about 2 years now I shave about 3 times a week: I SIMPLY LOVE IT

  8. Baldbalzs on Fri, 4th Jun 2010  

    Have been shaving trimming and plucking pubic hair and shaving my balls for years,Thankfully shaving pubic hair finally is in fashion, the Bodygroomer is the best I have found, no cuts , no bumps and easy to use ,pubic hair and armpits are a thing of the past for me, also my wife loves me smooth , If I let myself grow out a little she will say, getting a little hairy LOL

  9. abdullah on Mon, 6th Sep 2010  

    i shave my armpit and pubic hair and my girl likes’s cleanliness.

  10. straight razor shaving on Mon, 11th Oct 2010  

    great site. i always wanted to know how to do this properly

  11. tilbakar on Wed, 15th Dec 2010  

    “not because my girlfriend does. Pretty much every woman is different… some will like it, some wont……… some don’t mind either way.”
    Where else can I read about it?

  12. raphiel on Tue, 29th Mar 2011  

    dont ever, im serious, ever, i mean it, use a razor!
    damn i should have read this first…

  13. david on Thu, 21st Apr 2011  


  14. Rex on Thu, 23rd Jun 2011  

    I think shaved pubes on a dude are simply unattractive and gross. It’s way sexier when there’s hair down there.

  15. rajravi on Thu, 24th Nov 2011  

    when i had done a small part i enjoyed and she also liked a lot can any body tell how much time it will take back to grow

  16. ventroaq on Wed, 14th Dec 2011  

    Of course it’s not normal! After years of being puzzled by this shaving phenomenon and reading, and hearing reasons for doing it, hygiene seems to be the second biggest reason for shaving down there. Movies, grooming websites, and even personal grooming appliances by major razor companies refer to “size enhancement” in one way or another. Shaving doesn’t make your thing look “bigger” it makes it look its NORMAL size. In the locker room, in pictures, it may fool some people, but up close and personal? Get real! Get comfortable with your natural self!

  17. AlMorr on Thu, 4th Apr 2013  

    Bob and David, we seem to be in the minority on this issue, I am 66, David says he is 19 and judging by the length of Bob’s hair probably in his 20’s or 30’s and never shaved. I have never shaved or trimmed my pubic hair ever, they are now 6″ long, I am very proud of them. When I was David’s age I was so proud of how hairy I was ‘down there’. I recently read that more and more younger men are NOT shaving their pubic hair, that is great news.

  18. caveman on Wed, 12th Aug 2015  

    I caught a fungal infection down there about three years ago. The doctor said it was because I must sweat a lot down there. I do work 12 hour shifts and it is brutal. It took along time for the fungal infection to go away. It was really scary, and freaked me out. So, yes I do now shave my pubic hair to keep things cooler there. I am 58 years old. It just bothers me only when I go to a doctor and they see I have no pubic hair. They don’t know what I went through. I don’t know if I should tell them why I do it or if to just shut up. I have been married a long time now to to the same person, she is great.

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