Pubic Shaving Tips

Male pubic hair shaving is something that more men are learning about and trying in order to enjoy the many benefits is provides.

The problem is how to SAFELY shave your pubes without cutting yourself down there (OUCH!). Male Pubic Shaving must be done with the right tools and with lots of patience.

Here are some pubic shaving tips for guys who are ready for their first pubic shaving experience:

– DO NOT use a razor blade

– DO NOT use an electric shaving machine

– DO NOT use regular body soap

– DO NOT use after shave

So how do you properly shave your balls? Easy, the one and most important tool you need to avoid cuts and enjoy your pubic shaving experience is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.

The Bodygroom was designed specifically for men and pubic shaving. You can not get cut while use this shaver becuase it is made to prevent accidents and it also has a hypo-allergenic foil which prevents razor burn and rashes.

Best of all you can use it in the shower becuase it was waterproof and cordless. So if you are serious about shaving your pubic hair and keeping it nice and clean down there then don’t use razor blades and buy the Philips Norelco Bodygroom.

And you may have heard that after shaving your pubic hairs many experience an uncomfortable itching down there. I did too, but I found a solution that gave me instant relief, Balla Powder. You have to try it and especially if you want to avoid itching.

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