3 Pubic Shaving Methods Men Should AVOID

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Many men make the mistake of going about pubic shaving the same way a women does. It is obvious that men have different private parts than women and therefor we cannot use the same pubic shaving methods.

Here we go over the things men should avoid as far as how to shave their pubes and once you’ve got this clear you can go ahead and learn How to Shave Your Balls the right way.

Brazilian Wax

For many women removing their pubic hair with a Brazilian Wax maybe painful but a quick and easy solution. For men it is NOT! This is due to 2 factors, first men have very sensitive skin around their scrotum area so using this method can leave you with serious pain and you won’t be able to walk normally for at least a day. Also, Brazilian Wax studios do not usually receive male clients. Fees will be higher and it is very uncomfortable to have your privates completely visible to some stranger who is about to wax you.

Razor Blade and Shaving Cream

This is a BIG NO NO! To start, putting a razor blade near your crotch is a scary thought already, and shaving with a razor blade is very dangerous and a tool that you must NEVER use to shave your pubic hair. A razor blade or shaving blade was made to shave your face and should only be used on your face. As we mentioned, your scrotum is a very delicate area with very sensitive skin. Using a razor blade will cause irritation, razor burn, razor bumps and can be very painful overall, especially if you get cut.

Electric Shavers for Men

Once again, if it was made to shave your face then don’t use it to shave your balls! The rules are pretty simple when it comes to male pubic shaving. Electric shavers where designed for shaving beards. Pubic hair is different than facial hair. Plus it is very nasty if you use the same shaving foil on the electric shaver to then shaver your face.

So there you have it, 3 pubic shaving methods men should avoid. So we’ve gone over all the wrong stuff and the things that you should NOT use to shave your pubic hair so what is the right way? Learn How to Shave Your Balls and what tools are designed for male pubic shaving.

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