Chest Hair Removal Techniques

Chest Hair Removal for Men

Long gone are the days when it was considered manly to sport a hairy chest as chest hair removal is big business these days for men to achieve the smooth look their partners relish. It is now considered that if a man is well groomed he will attract his partner sooner, and any rumors of chest hair removing being linked to sexuality have clearly been quashed.

It is a fact that today’s man needs to be well groomed in order to attract his perfect mate. This will include keeping his hair nicely cut with no grey or white showing, gentle plucking of stray eyebrows, and of course, the removal of excessive and unsightly hair.
chest hair removal for men
In years gone by, the more body hair the man sported, the more masculine it was deemed to be, but thankfully with time, people have seen sense. Excess body hair causes sweating and in turn foul body odor. What today’s woman wants is a smooth shaven face and a chest free of hair.

So, when we talk about hair removal for men, most especially chest hair removal, there are many different ways in which we can achieve the required results; shaving chest hair, chest hair waxing and hair removal creams are all popular. For a more lasting result however, body hair removal for men may involve special creams or even laser treatment.

When you are choosing your technique for removing your unsightly chest hair or other bodily hair, your choice will be swayed by both your budget as well as by how often you wish to carry out the process. Shaving chest hair is quick and simple, but like facial hair, the re growth is both rapid and can be itchy; what is a smooth chest in the morning can turn into a stubbly and itchy mess by the same night if you are unlucky.

For a longer lasting removal, you may like to choose a hair removal cream. These creams are essentially the same for both men and women and the desired effect lasts longer as the hair is actually dissolved away at the root. Creams are inexpensive and the effects can last up to a week before the hair reappears. Hair removal creams nowadays are no longer foul smelling and the new growth of hair is not sharp or bristly, making this a popular and economical option.

Chest waxing is a more permanent way of removing that unsightly chest hair, but the process does not come without pain. Waxing has been around many years for women who enjoy smooth and hair free legs and bikini lines, yet the process is somewhat uncomfortable. You can purchase wax strips to use at home or alternatively book into a salon where a hot wax solution will be poured onto the chest hair.

If chest waxing does not appeal to you and you are looking for a way to rid your chest of hair for a long time, then laser treatment could be your answer. Whereas waxing will last around a month to six weeks, laser treatment is permanent. After a few sessions, you will no longer need to re visit your salon, all the hairs having been treated accordingly. The laser encourages the hair to grow inwards instead of protruding from the body, the results being excellent and permanent. The major downside to laser hair removal is of course the cost; each session will be pricey and you may need several until you finally rid your chest of unwanted hair.

In conclusion, there are several alternatives available on the market for chest hair removal.

If it is your first time that you will bare your chest, then perhaps a quick shave would be a good idea to see if you like your new smooth look. Once you are used to your look then you can progress to waxing or even permanent chest hair removal.

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11 Comments on "Chest Hair Removal Techniques"

  1. david on Mon, 11th Jul 2011  

    am 20 years old i started to get hair on my chest when i was 16 and still at school.Hair on your chest proves you have become a man and no longer a boy

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  4. Toppik on Fri, 5th Aug 2011  

    It’s much better than painful traditional techniques like waxing etc. Thanks for sharing !

  5. Jerry- body groomer on Mon, 8th Aug 2011  

    David I agree with your comment chest hair proves you’re a man, however many guys (and gals) think the smooth look is sexy. 🙂

  6. MJ on Tue, 23rd Aug 2011  

    A better question is to ask what looks better and what do you prefer. Body shaving is a personal preference, just like you can decide to grow a beard or not, to have long hair on your head or not, to stay trim and toned, or to be fat and flabby.

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  8. Jim on Fri, 21st Oct 2011  

    Hair all over a man’s body is merely more evidence that man and monkeys have a lot in common. What proves you have become a man is that you think about more than just yourself.

  9. Eric on Wed, 18th Jul 2012  

    I ask what is missing a fag, a bag and ready to go. NO man no way is a man, who is a real man going to shave his body hair like a woman, (unless he is swimming professionally and that is for a reason.) Male body hair removal my arse, what a sure way to show you bat for the wrong team.

  10. Jonathon on Thu, 19th Jul 2012  

    The only thing clear about the issue of hair or no hair is that it is a preference. Comments like what’s written in the third paragraph (“In years gone by…chest free of hair.”) make it sound like this article is based on some sort of consensus. (“…thankfully with time, people have seen sense.”)
    What utter bullshit. The bad journalism goes from bad to worse though:
    Hair causes sweating? And in turn foul body odor? That’s not science. It’s not even a good factoid. Statements like that only prove one point: the author of this article will say anything if he thinks it will promote his personal preference, regardless if truth is involved or not. Either that or he’s been told such nonsense, or read it elsewhere, and just didn’t check his facts. Restating false data doesn’t make it any truer than when first stated.
    Sexual appeal is a preference. Biological facts are not.
    “Unsightly chest hair…” Whatever. I happen to be a man who appreciates what nature has granted me. There’s no embarrassment or regret. It certainly hasn’t created a problem in finding sexual fulfillment. That’s perhaps attributed to the fact that those who find me sexually appealing don’t go for the prepubescent look (downstairs) and due to their preference find chest hair masculine and appealing. Get a grip, people. It’s preference.

  11. Rex on Fri, 25th Oct 2013  

    @ david

    Boys also get excited about being able to grow a mustache. That’s why society must suffer through the unsightly ages of 13-15 when boys like the look.

    Fortunately, most come to realize it isn’t a big deal & shave it off.

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