Laser razors do not need to be washed, do not need to spend 89 dollars

This extremely safe razor with facial skin will help you avoid facial breakage when shaving.

Technology startups from Irvine, California, recently introduced a razor prototype using lasers. This unique razor called "Skarp", when exposed to facial skin, will "cut" the beard carefully and extremely safe, making it impossible to cut the face or burn. In addition, 

Skarp also prevents skin infections, because germs and bacteria that live only on the skin in damaged areas.

Compared to disposable razors, Skarp razors have many other benefits. With Skarp, you do not need to buy expensive replacement blades, shaving water or shaving foam also becomes unnecessary because the beard will be shaved clean without the use of strength, without pain, without skin. irritation. 

Skarp is also an environmentally friendly product: the disposable razor is made of plastic, and when thrown into the environment it will take hundreds of years to decompose itself. 

Did you know, every year in the world more than 2 billion razors and razor boxes are released? What a worrying number! 

Moreover, we also use a considerable amount of water just for shaving and washing razors. With Skarp, even washing after shaving is unnecessary!

Developers say that this laser razor can be used during bathing. The body of the knife is made of aluminum 6061, using 1 AAA battery for one month of continuous use. See how this razor works:

Morgan Gustavsson is involved in the development of this advanced razor. He is the author of IPL (high-intensity pulse light) technology in 1989, and today IPL is one of the most effective methods to remove hair on the body and treat skin diseases. 

The idea of a laser razor came to Gustavsson since 2001, but making such a device was too expensive at the time.

In 2009, scientists made a breakthrough in laser technology when laser beams could be used with the right wavelength to cut hairs and hair on the human body without damaging the skin.

In 2013, Gustavsson received the collaboration of Paul Binun. It was Paul who then perfected this amazing laser technology. The scientists found chromophore in all hair types - this particular group of atoms is responsible for producing hair color and absorbing electromagnetic radiation, regardless of the color and chemical composition of the hair.

They realized that using newly invented laser beams could remove hair, hair more effectively than any method currently used, and could apply to everyone, regardless of gender, race, or personal characteristics (allergies, skin irritation, ...).

Skarp is currently being raised on Kickstarter to conduct industrial-scale production.

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