Panasonic Arc5 LV-65-S is What I Call A Magic: Wow!

I have been looking for the best budget electric shaver, and I found it! The Panasonic Arc5 LV65 shaver. For those doubting this product out there, here is my real review while using it.

This is crazy:

Everything has never been easy for me since I was born with a thick beard. I have been using and changing different types of electric shavers until I found the best one, Panasonic ES LV65-S.

Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 is the third generation of the Arc5 products line. The shaver includes a five ultra-sharp precision blade and a handy pop-up trimmer.

If you are a big fan of an electric shaver like me, you shouldn’t miss out on those review lines of Panasonic Arc5 Lv65.

Look at this stunning design! 
What do I think about the Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 shaver?

After using this shaver for several weeks, I can conclude to give this product 4.5 / 5 stars. But why? Here are some advantages and also the disadvantages of this product that I think about.

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● Having an extremely close shave
● It is lighter weight and slightly slimmer
● The flexible head with smooth movement and better adaptation to the contour of your face
● Good cleaning station
● Wet/dry shaving function
● The shaving head is too big to control
● Not for sensitive skin
● Fail in warranty policy
Why did I choose this stunning shaver to review in the end?

You know what?

Nothing is perfect as it seems. The Panasonic Arc 5 Lv65 may contain some errors, but these fantastic features listed below have won my heart that makes this product become my favorite electric shaver ever.

Smart sales

What makes me impressed most about the Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 is that the cutter blocks and foil can be bought separately. The foil seems to wear out faster so it may need more regular replacement without replacing the cutter.

I think it is a really good strategy of Panasonic to help the customers save their budget because the Panasonic replacement heads are widely available at an affordable price for both foil and cutter blocks.

High speed but achieving a quieter motor

Since I prefer a shaver with a quiet engine to one with loud vibration, Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 become my first choice.

The Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 operates at 14000 cycles per minute which is 1,4 faster than the Braun Series 9. However, the Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 has somewhat a quieter motor than other shavers that I have used before.

The multi-flex pivoting shaver head

The battery life of the shaver is shown in the LED screen
Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 shaver flexes on a two-axis head where it can go from front to back and side to side. This is one of my favorite feature which can reach close to the contour of my face, neck, chin, and jaw

After using the Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 shaver for several weeks, I could see the difference made on my face - extraordinarily smooth and lightly shiny - that I have never experienced with any other shavers before.

Better battery life

The biggest problem I have during my electric shaver usage is that it always needs charging. However, the Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 solved the problem.

The battery life of the shaver can last up to 45 minutes which provides 15 three-minute shaves. Whenever I want to recharge my shaver, it takes only an hour to finish charging, and I can even use the shaver while it’s still charging.

Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 saved my life several times since I am a very absent-minded person who always forgets charging the shaver.

What’s more, Panasonic arc 5 shaver is a perfect travel companion that provides voltage, travel safety lock, and travel kit.

Final Words

No matter what errors it got, Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 will always be my best electric shaver. Lightweight, close shave, better battery life, and good cleaning station are what I am looking for in an ideal electric shaver.

If you find this review informative and useful, buy a Panasonic Arc5 Lv65 shaver for yourself and then share your true thought here!

After reviewing the options and hands-on testing above, the Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV65-S electric shaver wins our pick for the best shaver on the market.

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