Which's the best electric shaver on the market?

Finding the best electric razor for your needs requires a good bit of research before you buy it. While styles and models differ, the working principles are the same. If you're looking for an electric shaver, don't worry!

We have reviewed the best electric razors for men on the market with the best budget, and explain electric razor vs manual blade shaving. Check out our top 5 list of Electric Shavers on a budget.

If you've got more cash to experience more around with, you can see our review on the top electric razor for under $100.

Besides using Gillette razors, electric shavers are becoming increasingly popular. Many electric shaver products are used for dry shaving, making it easy to carry, you can shave anywhere.

What is the best electric shaver today? 

Among the two leading brands of electric shavers on the market, today are: Philips and Flyco, which product to buy? These questions will be answered in detail below.

Experiences with choosing men's electric shavers here will help you choose the best and most suitable electric shaver for your budget. Of course, these products are genuine, quality shaver products.

Top 5 Best Electric Shaver 2019:

Among current shaver brands on the market are Philips, Flyco and Panasonic are the most prominent, best quality electric shaver brands. Each brand has many different product lines. If not considering the cost, Philips continues to be the brand with many of the best electric shavers, besides today's top hair clippers.

But life is not so simple, and so is the problem of money. 

When you choose to buy an electric shaver, it is definitely one of the most important factors besides product quality. If we consider the features that the product offers (such as blade quality, waterproof design ...), as well as the price of electric shavers, the best electric shaver products, the most affordable price - all belong to the Flyco brand.

Below is the ranking of the best quality electric shaver reviews products today. 

The detailed evaluation of each product line, please see more in the section below.

1. Experience buying electric shavers

The most basic function of an electric shaver is not much different from a normal shaver. That role is to help you remove beard and whiskers on your face, you will no longer feel uncomfortable, itchy caused by the beard. 

These electric shaver products can also be easily used to safely remove armpit hair.

Economically, using an electric shaver for a long time is actually cheaper than using a razor. Currently, many blade shavers have a minimum life of 2-3 years. After this time the blade will wear out gradually, although they can still be used, you should replace them with optimal shaving performance.

If compared to economics, using a shaver will be cheaper than using Gillette razor products. Especially for those who use expensive blades like Gillette Mach3, the cost of buying a blade for several months is enough to buy a genuine Philips shaver.

The shaver, or general-purpose shaver, has two parts: the handle and the razor blade. The razor blade is the most important part of it, they are made up of blades fitted to the engine, and the metal shield above. 

The metal shield serves to protect and prevent the blade from being exposed directly to the skin causing scratches.

1.1 Types of electric shavers for men

Electric shavers for men on the market are quite diverse. To buy the right product, you need to learn a little bit about the design and function of the shaver products. There are types designed for each specific needs. 

And based on the design, the function will have the following shavers.

Sort by power, there will be two types of one-type shavers using Primary Battery (AAA batteries should be used) and another is a rechargeable battery. The battery type has the advantage of not having to wait for the charger but the economy is definitely not equal to the rechargeable battery. 

Therefore, the types of rechargeable batteries are also increasingly dominant compared to the primary battery type. You should buy this battery to save battery replacement costs.

Leaf-blade structure in Panasonic shaver.

Sorted by blade structure, there are two types of shavers. A type used with leaf blades (straight blades). This is the type of blade that looks like a normal shaving blade that you often use. The advantage of this type of razor blade is easy to move on your facial skin.

There is a single-blade shaver, also available when using two blades.

Rotating blade shaver

The type of blade that is more commonly used for men is a circular rotating blade, the inner blade will rotate when in use. The advantage of this type is better skin exposure than leaf blade shavers, higher efficiency when used and shave cleaner. Popular shavers of this type have 2-blade and 3-blade swivel types.

1.2 Is the cost of replacing the shaver blade expensive?

Very few manufacturers publish the exact life of a shaver. But a usable shaver usually costs over $50. These models usually have a warranty period of 2 years or more. With many lines of Philips shavers, it's normal to use the device for about 2 years without changing the tongue.

With a very long time of use, the blade of the shaver is not widely available. Therefore, sometimes this may be inconvenient for you. That's why you should choose to buy an electric shaver from reputable brands with full warranty service.

The blade of the shaver can be used for at least 2-3 years

At least in the security centers, you will always be able to find the shaver blade for immediate replacement.

The blade of a shaver (for example Philips) with a listed price is $ 10 with a 2-blade type and $20 with a 3-blade type. This is a factor you should consider carefully when choosing to buy an electric shaver. 

This type of shaver has a reputable, quality brand that will help you reduce the blade replacement costs later.

2. What is the best electric shaver today?

The current shaver market is not too complicated. And if you learn them over and over at forums, websites, you'll know which shaver is good, which brand to buy.

Similar to the whisk and blender market, Philips is the leading brand in the electric shaver market.

However, Philips shaver products have the disadvantage of the high cost.

If your budget is an important issue then the Flyco shaver products will definitely make you much more satisfied because Flyco brand prices sell much cheaper than many Philips products with similar features.

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2.1 Philips shaver

Philips shaver products have good design finishes, compact and beautiful, the grip is also sure. The lifespan of Philips shavers is good, warranty for 2 years or more. In the process of using completely assured will not happen to be cut off scratching the face skin.

Philips has many models, both blade type and blade type, with battery charger and battery replacement, which are waterproof.

Besides Philips, in the market, there are also many places selling Panasonic shaver products. But overall, Panasonic's shaver has a technology that stands out from the Philips machine while its price is very expensive.

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2.2 Flyco shaver

Besides Philips with many products in the affordable and high-end segment marketed today, there are many cheap Flyco shaver products. Flyco's shaver products are also varied, features and widely used by many people.

This Flyco electric shaver is intelligently designed to help clean

The highlight of the Flyco shaver is that the rechargeable battery lasts longer than Philips. Flyco also focuses on design, many products have a metal body, reasonable curves, look quite luxurious. The Flyco shaver also has a leaf blade and a rotating blade that uses rechargeable batteries. Although it is a Chinese brand, Flyco is still highly rated for quality. 

Flyco's biggest drawback compared to Philips is probably the lower part of the blade, use about 1 year will need replacement.

2.3 Panasonic shaver

In addition to Philips and Flyco shavers, Panasonic also has a wide range of quality shaver products.

Most of the Panasonic shaver products are now products in the middle and high-end segments.

So their prices are not cheap either, but the advantage is that they can be shaved or shaved according to your preferences.

(Note: Most models of cheap shavers will not be wet.)

Panasonic's blade design is also quite special.

The razor blade technology is a leaf knife rather than a rotating knife type like Philips or Flyco. 

Among Panasonic's current shaver models, only the Panasonic ES-LV65 Shaver series is a low-cost shaver designed with a rotating blade.

3. Review the Top 8 Best Electric Shavers today

Whatever you say, the problem you need to pay attention to when you need to buy a shaver which is the best shaver product today? Below is a list of the best budget electric shaver products on the market today. 

Please see the detailed reviews and advantages and disadvantages of each of these electric shavers.

3.1 Philips PQ206/18 shaver

Philips PQ206 shaver

This is a cheap Philips shaver and is one of the best-selling products in the market today. Philips PQ206 / 18 uses 2 AA batteries and is the best selling product of all Philips shavers. This product is compact and easy to handle and use.

This shaver is designed with two rotating blades, curving in a curve on the face of the shaver. The blade is made of stainless steel and can be used well for about 2 years. As a line of cheap shaver products, Philips PQ206 / 18 is designed to run Primary batteries. 

With 2 AA batteries, it can be used continuously for about 4-8 weeks before needing to replace the battery.

Design part holding oval, tapered, pebble-shaped shape. 

This simple design, it brings the feeling of holding hands and firm. The included accessory of this razor has a protective cover and a toilet brush. However, the disadvantage of this product is that it is not capable of wet shaving. 

This is quite understandable because this is a Philips-optimized product line to cater to the need for drying.

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3.2 Flyco Fs873VN electric shaver

Flyco Fs873VN electric shaver is one of Flyco's most affordable cheap shavers. At the price equivalent to the Philips PQ206 shaver but the Flyco FS873 shaver is equipped with good waterproof technology. So that you can easily shave wet or dry.

FLYCO FS873VN shaver

Washing the blade under the tap is also quite simple, making it easy to clean the machine after use.

It uses two sharp, rotating blades to cleanse the face without causing a burning, unpleasant sensation. In addition to the water-resistant advantages, this razor also uses rechargeable batteries, which is another advantage over the Philips PQ206 series. 

Each charge takes about 8 hours but you will be able to use it continuously 1-2 weeks later.

Flyco FS873VN electric shaver is designed with a solid and durable stainless steel case. The handle is beveled modern, masculine, and comfortable when you hold it. 

This product is warranted according to Flyco's general policy of 2 years and exchanged for free within the first 15 days of use if the machine fails.

3.3 Panasonic PACR-ES534DP52 cheap electric shaver

For those with a limited budget, the Panasonic PACR-ES534DP52 series of cheap shavers is a good choice to get started. At a price comparable to that of Gillette Mach 3 blades, it's can be considered the best line of shave products in the market at the moment.

Panasonic ES534DP527 shaver cheap price

The outstanding feature of this shaver product is that it is very compact and convenient to use. The rotating blade works safely and shaves quickly, it doesn't feel sore and especially has a long life, not just using a few weeks like Gillette razor at the same level.

The machine uses two AA batteries and supports the shaving function. Note that this product is not waterproof. This is true that shaver products "cannot be cheaper".

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3.4 Flyco electric shaver - (Model FS-371VN)

At a slightly higher price than Flyco FS873, you will have a better experience with the Flyco-FS371 series of shavers. The first highlight you'll notice in this product is the sharp stainless steel double blade system, very durable and also easy to clean. With a 3-blade design, shaving with Flyco FS371VN will be much faster than those with only 2 blades.


As a product of Flyco's comprehensive range of shavers, this model of FS-371VN shaver is designed and manufactured exclusively for Asian markets. The casing is very durable, strong and has excellent waterproof ability according to IPX7 standards. 

The design is easy to handle with a convenient switch position.

The back face of Flyco FS371 shaver

Another advantage of Flyco FS371VN is that this product uses rechargeable batteries. After an 8 hour charge, you can shave about 10-15 days. With wet shaving capabilities, this product offers a comprehensive user experience. 

And if you have whiskers or a lot of whiskers, the comb on the back of the product is also quite a useful detail.

3.5 Philips AT750 shaver

The most often complained problem of people using a razor is that the shaving feeling is not as clean as using a razor. In fact, that's true because there is a big difference between the razor and the blade of the shaver products. 

The blade of an electric shaver doesn't just need to be sharp, it's also very safe because the engine of the machine will operate continuously during shaving.

The smooth blade of the Philips AT750 shaver

That is the reason why the shaver's face is less than the razor's face. But if you use the Philips AT750 premium shaver product, the difference will no longer be significant. The Philips AT750 shaver features a 3-blade swivel design. 

The blade section is designed according to technology CloseCut Philips has rounded corners that gently glide, close to the face skin while still providing a comfortable and safe when you shave.

Philips AT750 Is Philips premium product line, you can shave wet or dry with Philips AT750 all easily and quickly. Most effective, you should still shave with shaving cream. This product has good water resistance and you can wash the blade under the tap after every use. 

QuickRinse technology makes it easy to wash the blade after every shave.

Similar to many other product lines, the Philips AT750 shaver is a rechargeable Li-ion battery product line. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the battery, and you can use it for weeks after each charge. The blade of the Philips AT750 has a life span of about 2 years before you need to replace the new blade.

3.6 Philips AT600 shaver

Philips AquaTouch AT600 / 15 is an electric shaver capable of drying and wet shaving in the mid-end segment of Philips, with a 2-year warranty period. This shaver is quite good in water resistance and you can comfortably shave when bathing, use with shaving foam to bring the most comfortable feeling to your face.

The Philips AquaTouch AT600 15 shaver can be dry and wet

As a shaver product in the cheaper price segment than AT750, this Philips AT600 series of the shaver is only equipped with two rotating blades. But really, with 2 blades, this is still a very good product. The shaver is capable of comfortable, very clean shaving during use.

In general, the Philips AT600 electric shaver is an upgrade of Philips PQ217 / PQ206 with water-resistant and handle-free features and uses NiMH rechargeable batteries.

The blade part is completely similar to the PQ217 and PQ206 series with 2 rotating blades, the design CloseCut - Philips technology helps the blade embrace your face and delivers superior results.

This design allows the blade to stick to every corner of the face, providing a clean and comfortable feeling. You can fully charge within 10 hours and use it continuously for more than 30 minutes (according to the number of shaves, the way with 10 shaves). 

When the battery is low, the LED on the device will light to signal. The body is slender, long plastic, black and blue, suitable for all types of hands and handles.

Aquatic head design on Philips AT600 and AT750 shavers makes it 100% water-resistant. You can also easily remove it for cleaning, easy to wash with water after each use. The blade has a lifespan of about 2 years before you need to replace the new blade.

3.7 Philips PQ217 / 18 shaver

Philips PQ217 / 18 is also a line of travel electric shavers, the price is mid-range. This is a good quality shaver with a self-adjusting blade. Philips PQ217 uses rechargeable batteries, each charge 8 hours and can be used continuously for 30 minutes. The machine has a 2-year warranty.

Philips Pq217 electric shaver

The blade of the machine is 2 independent blades, swivel-shaped blades, ensuring a comfortable close-shave experience, embracing the curve of the face. The blade part is made of stainless steel, very durable after a long time of use.

The body, which is designed to be in the middle, extends to the two ends, improving the grip. The machine is also provided with a protective cover and a toilet brush.

3.8 Flyco electric shaver Fs360

Flyco Fs 360 is Flyco's cheap shaver. The shaver is warranted for 2 years and free of charge within 15 days if there is an error from the manufacturer. Although water-resistant, this is a dry shaver line and is not used with shaving cream.

Flyco FS360 electric shaver

The machine uses 3 independent rotating blades, increasing up to 50% of the skin contact area compared to 2-blade machines, which makes shaving faster and cleaner. Behind this shaver, there's a trimmer that can pop out, to shave long, hard, or sideburns. The blade can be easily removed for replacement.

This product uses rechargeable batteries, fully charged for 8 hours and continuous use for more than 60 minutes. This usage is very good compared to other devices.

The body is luxuriously designed, with copper-colored metal strips, and shiny black plastic. The body design fits the hand, and tapered towards the tail, providing a good grip feeling, and aesthetic guarantee. The accessory comes with a transparent guard and hygienic brush.

4. Experience of using a safe and durable shaver

To use the electric shaver safely and sustainably, first, you need to know the product information. The most important issue concerns whether the machine is water-resistant or not. Electric shaver products in the low-end segment are usually dry shaver products, not waterproof.

With these electric shaver products, you will not need to use shaving cream but the downside is that it may cause irritation when the blade becomes too worn during use. 

Some products are light waterproof but not wet and you will need to pay attention to the specifications in the product description. If the product does not say anything about the possibility of wet shaving, it will not be used for wet shaving.

With the battery, try to fully charge it once, use it until you notice a low battery and continue charging the next time for the longest battery life. You should not use the shaver when the battery is too weak, they may cause the speed of rotation to be insufficient, causing choking and scratching. 

If you have good budget conditions, you can also choose to buy electric shaver products that have anti-beard features when shaving.

The hygiene issue for shavers is a core issue to help the machine last. Especially when you shave wet, high tongue cleaning becomes even more important. You should only use a scrubbing tool to provide a dedicated cleaning machine to remove all the whiskers from the machine after each use. 

Shaving blades should also be cleaned periodically but should not be cleaned too much by rubbing hard to blunt the tongue.

And finally, you don't use a razor to shave other things. Because this can reduce the life of the blade. The blade part usually has a protective cover and you should cover it after shaving to protect the blade. The electric shaver for men is a personal item. Choose which one is more suitable for you. We have given some suggestions through testing.

As for the final choice, you can refer to my recommended list, or you can also take viewing online.
Finally, we hope this article will help you if you have any questions you can contact us, or you can comment below.
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