Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 Reviews

This electric shaver was I bought as a replacement for Norelco Series 5100 - a model also made by Philips Norelco. To be honest, my old razor simply stopped working before (It does not respond to the on/off button at all, though the light showed it charging, etc.)

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 worked on time. The razor had no charge in it when I received it, so I charged this overnight before a shave.

The shaver is very smooth and shaves quiet. Much quieter than my old shaver.

The entire head is also capable of moving on an axis, though that capability seems more of a gimmick than a practical improvement to razor performance.

My first impression is that the shaver performs quite well. I was able to get a clean, smooth shave in less than 6 minutes. I used a dry razor every morning because I got used to using my old shaver like that.

Norelco 4500 was a smooth shave and clean, but no closer than what I used to get with my old Philips 5100. My old model never had its shaver heads changed even once in its lifetime, although they were 6 years old.

The 4500 is a model that preceded the 5100, but it basically has a sharper blade as well as better technology for lifting and cutting long beards. However, I do not feel that there is any great difference in the proximity or smoothness when shaving with them.

This new shaver can also be used in wet shaving, with or without shaving gel/foam.

So you can use it in the bathroom if you like or use it with shaving cream if you get used to it when switching from using a regular razor.

Clean the shaver:

Cleaning the shaver is quite convenient. Simply press the button on the top of the shaver, and the entire blade will pop out so you can leave it under the tap to clean them.

I used to clean my old razor every weekend or so, but ever since I received this new Philips Series 4500 shaver, I've been simpler to clean it after every shave every night.

Besides, you can clean the tongue with the brush provided in the box instead of using water. The user guide provides information on how to completely remove the shaver from the razor, and then use the brush to individually clean each blade and comb.

The battery:

The battery does not last very long with 50-55 minutes after being fully charged. The charging box will turn off completely after the battery is fully charged, so this shaver will not be able to consume any power if it is overcharged.

According to the user manual, the battery will charge from empty to full charge in an hour.

Another note you need is that the shaver cannot be used while you are charging. This may be because it can be used both wet and dry. The shaver will not turn on when you plug it in. The back of the razor also has a pop trimmer to help you trim your hair or long beard.


- Quiet
- Use for dry or wet
- Easy to clean

Last words

If you're replacing it with another Philips Norelco razor, you won't have to struggle with any other surprises.

If you're replacing the new model this may be better (and in the short term, less expensive as you don't need to spend on shaving supplies), but no electric shaver can deliver a smooth and close shave experience, even if it's brand new.

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